Our chartered secretary will act as named secretary in keeping your business adherence of regulations as well as provide advice on business structure related matters, e.g. change officers and shareholders, annual submission to registry.

Nominee Director

A fit and qualified local person will act as Director of your company in fulfilling the basic requirement of local resident Director.

Address / Process Agent

You do not need to rent a physical office for registred office purposes. Our office address will be your office address. We also provide process agent services to receive legal notices and/or documents on your behalf.




Instead of hiring an in-house HR personnel to handle your team payroll, you can outsource all the HR functions to us which is business cost saving. Our payroll services include reimbursement claims processing for your team members too.

Accounting / XBRL

Our accounting services can be customised according to your business needs, such as frequency of accounting reports, offsite or onsite accounting data entry.


A proper tax planning can reduce the risk of non-compliance, as well as increase the spare case for businesses to expand and grow.  Begin your fuss-free journey by engaging us to handle your personal or business tax matters.